StormProtector® Padlock for Motorcycle Shelter, Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant

StormProtector® Padlock for Motorcycle Shelter, Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant 2 4 5 1
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    The StormProtector® Padlock has been designed for sustained and prolonged use in an outdoor environment. Made of Stainless Marine 304 Steel this padlock has been designed to perform and withstand a marine or highly corrosive environment. It is BS EN 12320 & ASTM B117 Salt spray corrosive test approved, you can be sure it has been designed to withstand the elements and not rust. Made from the highest quality Marine steel it's 30% lighter and stronger than comparable classic brass padlocks. Your StormProtector® padlock has been designed and tested to work with all sizes of StormProtector® Shelter covers to maximise the security of your bike but at the same time being quick and easy to use with an extended Shackle which has been optimised for StormProtector® Shelters. StormPotector® locks they have been taking care of people and their bikes all over the world, for over twenty years. You can be secure in the knowledge that fitting one of our locks to your bike means complete peace of mind and full protection for your Motorcycle or Mobility Scooter.

    StormProtector® Padlock with 4 Keys

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    StormProtector® Padlock

    StormProtector® Shelter Cover Padlock

    StormProtector® Padlock Dimentions

    StormProtector® Padlock Weatherproof, Corrosion Resistance


    StormProtector® Padlock Keys

     StormProtector® Padlock Keys for external use  StormProtector® Motorcycle Shelter Garage Cover StormProtector® Motorcycle Shelter with a Venting System 

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