StormProtector® Large (Sport) Size Motorcycle Shelter Garage

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    • LARGE SIZE (SPORTS) BIKE COVER: Approximate Dimensions of StormProtector®️ standard size Motorcycle Shelter Width - 110 cm (3 ft 6”), Height - 163 cm (5 ft 3”), Length - 275 cm (9 ft ). This cover is designed to fit sport motorcycles, larger scooters, and mobility scooters. We also offer a larger motorcycle shelter cover for extra-large bikes.
    • GUARANTEED NOT TO RUST: The StormProtector®️ Motorcycle shelter is made from QUENCHED STEEL in the UK (steel that has superheated and cooled quickly, to strengthen it). Quenched steel is 80% stronger and 25% lighter than galvanised steel. The frame is coated in water ripple powder coating which is super durable, prevents paint from cracking, has anti-scratching properties, and maximises the life of the frame by preventing rust.
    • LOCKABLE FOR EXTRA SECURITY - The StormProtector®️ is the only motorcycle shelter in the World, which has a locking mechanism that has been integrated into the shelter's frame. You can purchase a padlock for your motorcycle shelter here. This shelter comes with extra-large anchor bolts to secure it to the ground.
    • QUALITY WATERPROOF COVER: 100% waterproof cover and UV resistant made from 300D polyester with PVC coating (heavier, stronger, more robust material used in modern tents and gazebos, designed to be lightweight, durable and super strong). Designed to protect against ultraviolet light, dust, and debris. Fully ventilated with Velcro side vents for improved air circulation.
    • WIND STABILITY: The cover attaches to the five main struts of the frame by Velcro which wraps around each individual strut. By substantially increasing the surface area of the cover in contact with the frame the StormProtector®️ can withstand winds of up to 100mph and remain attached to the motorcycle frame.
    • FRAME GUARANTEE: The StormProtector's frame comes with a 1-year guarantee plus a 2-year additional warranty if registered at [email protected] within 30 days of purchase. 


    Detailed Information:

    The StormProtector® Motorcycle Shelter is a framed foldable outdoor cover for motorbikes and scooters that has been developed to offer the ultimate protection against the elements and all that nature can throw against it. This shelter will keep your motorcycle or mobility scooter clean and dry. It is easy to operate and protects your motorbike from wind, rain and snow, direct sunlight, bird droppings, and dust. It is specifically designed for people who do not have a garage or shed where they can keep their motorcycle or mobility scooter.

    This product is intended for motorcycles, scooters and mobility scooters with dimensions up to the following approximate overall dimensions of the shelter: width - 110 cm (3 ft 6”), height - 163 cm (5 ft 3”), length - 275 cm (9 ft ).

    Your StormProtector® Shelter/cover dimensions (please check your motorcycle’s dimensions for compatibility):

    Dimensions of the Large Size StormProtector® Motorcycle Shelter Cover

    - Overall Dimensions of the New Lockable Large Size (Sport) StormProtector®️ Motorcycle Shelter Cover -


    The StormProtector® Motorcycle Shelter offers a range of features that make it unique:

    • Lockable
    • Quenched steel frame
    • Interlocking attachment of the cover to the frame

    Secure Your Ride

    This is the only motorcycle cover with a locking mechanism that has been integrated into the shelter’s frame. The shelter can be locked with the StormProtector®️ Padlock, which is sold separately.

    This motorcycle shelter can be anchored to the ground using the six bolts that are supplied with it. Please note the difference in the size of bolts we use vs. others.

    StormProtector® Motorcycle Shelter Bolt vs. Other Competitor's Bolt 6 StormProtector® Bolts Large Size Motorcycle Shelter Garage

    Add an extra layer of security and protect your motorbike by bolting the frame to the ground and purchasing the optional padlock.

    Optional padlock StormProtector® for an extra security

    - The padlock is sold separately (click here) -

    Quenched Steel Frame - Strong, Light and Rust-Free

    Your StormProtector® Motorcycle Shelter/Cover is the only motorcycle shelter/cover on sale in the UK that is made from quenched steel. This gives a huge advantage for the durability and longevity of the product, because quenched steel is typically 80% stronger and 25% lighter than galvanised steel, and also has much better rust resistance. Please see the image below which compares the thickness of our frame to a galvanised steel frame with matching strength (note how thick it has to be).

    StormProtector® Quenched Steel vs. Poor Quality Tubing

    - Storm Protector Light and Strong Quenched Steel vs. Regular Poor Quality Tubing -

    In reality, no other motorcycle shelter/cover frame is as strong as the StormProtector® frame. Competing products use thin galvanised steel frames which are no match for a quenched steel frame. You can say that the StormProtector® Motorcycle Shelter is the Usain Bolt of the motorcycle world - it leaves others trailing in its wake.

    Not only is your StormProtector® Motorcycle Shelter/cover made from quenched steel but it comes with a water ripple powder coating which is super durable, prevents paint from cracking, has anti-scratching properties, maximises the life of the quenched steel, and looks gorgeous. The water ripple powder coating is normally only applied to high-end outdoor furniture. Please compare the finish and quality of your StormProtector® frame vs a galvanised steel frame from others.

    Interlocking Attachment of Cover to Frame

    The devil is in the details! It’s often the little things that distinguish a very good product from the rest. Take for instance the seemingly simple and unimportant matter of attaching the cover to the frame. In high winds, a cover whose attachments to the frame are done with poor quality Velcro and on little surface area, is vulnerable and will get damaged very easily after these connections fray and become loose.

    How Competing Products Have Their Frame Attached To Cover

    Competitors Low Quality Frame Attachment To Cover Competitors Unreliable Frame  Attachment  Style To Cover Competitors Unstable Attachment Frame To Cover

    This is why the StormProtector® Shelter/cover features a unique interlocking frame cover attachment, designed to withstand winds of up to 100mph. By increasing the area of the frame in contact with the cover, we lowered the key wind resistance point and created a cover that is securely attached to its frame and will last for years to come, no matter the conditions.

    Unique Innovative Interlocking Cover Attachment By StormProtector® Designed to Withstand High Winds and Increase Durability of Cover

    300D polyester fabric By StormProtector® Innovative Interlocking Cover Attachment By StormProtector® Unique Interlocking Cover Attachment By StormProtector®

    The cover is made from a 300D polyester fabric with an additional PVC coating to make it 100% waterproof. This fabric is a heavier, stronger, more robust version of the same material used in modern tents and gazebos, designed to be lightweight, durable and super strong.

    Your StormProtector® Shelter/cover has a venting system with Velcro cover side vents. Open the vents (please see the images below) for improved air circulation, to dissipate heat when storing your motorbike straight after use, and for reducing moisture buildup on cold and damp days. We recommend that your motorcycle is cool and dry when stored, otherwise, condensation may collect inside the shelter/cover.

    StormProtector® Large Size motorcycle cover's venting system Vents for improved air circulation Velcro cover side vents StormProtector®
    StormProtector® Sport Size motorcycle cover's side vents StormProtector® Large Size motorcycle cover's venting system

    Frame Warranty

    Your StormProtector® Motorcycle comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, plus an additional 2 years warranty on the frame when you register your purchase.

    Simply email us within 30 days of making your purchase at [email protected], with your name, address, and purchase date, to be added to our database and get the full warranty for the frame.

    This product comes with a convenient storage bag.

    StormProtector® Large Size Motorcycle Shelter's Storage bag

    Buy now with complete confidence.