About Us

Product Range

StormProtector® offers a range of motorcycle covers designed to be used by owners of motorbikes or mobility scooters who do not have a garage or shed. Our clients buy the motorcycle shelter for a range of motorcycles and mobility scooters - from small scooters to large motorcycles like maxi-scooters, adventure bikes, motocross bikes, sports bikes, cruisers, tourers and more. 

StormProtector® motorcycle shelters

All of our shelters are retractable for easy access. We use high-quality materials in the construction of our shelters. Our lightweight and yet strong frames are made from quenched steel, which is then powder-coated to ensure it remains protected and rust-free for a long time. To further increase the rigidity of our shelters, we attach the cover across the whole horizontal bars of the frame, instead of just attaching it at one point on each end.

bikes that fit in StormProtector® shelters

The StormProtector® line of products is also lockable, which is a must for any outdoor shelter and yet many don't provide this feature. The StormProtector® shelters can also be attached to the ground via the supplied extra-large bolts. This ensures high security and also very strong resistance to high winds. 

The Company

HRH Hill Ltd. Logo

HRH Hill Ltd. is the company behind the StormProtector® brand. The company was established in 2008 by Ian Hill and has been expanding and perfecting its line of products continuously over the years. Its success can be attributed to the company’s ability to enhance products through innovative designs.

HRH Hill designs and prototypes its products, many of which are subject to trademarks and intellectual rights protection for their unique features. Products are manufactured in China under meticulous quality control and regular inspections to ensure that they meet and exceed design specifications. The end goal is to have an affordable product, which is great value for money, and which the client can rely on for years.

HRH HILL Europe OÜ was formed in 2021 and is the European subsidiary of HRH HILL Ltd. (registered in England and Wales with company number 06621854).